This roundabout is located in a exceptional place with a good view to the Cingles de Bertí and to the town of Sant Feliu de Codines. This place welcomes the traveller and links the landscape to the town.

In the past, the man cultivated olive trees and stumps here; besides, Sant Feliu de Codines is located in an area of wheat mills and in a junction of old roads coming from the Roman period.

The mill stones come from the earth and rise until the tree appears as the most important fruit. Collected from the mill of Llobateres (in Sant Quirze de Safaja), they look at the future and sprang from the flag of Catalunya. The stones appear slender as ladies, conforming, along with the olive tree, the flag of Catalunya in the vertical plan. The red one defines the Catalan flag. The red bed of mill stones is the vertebral axis that, crossed with another terra-cotta axis, forms the cross of Saint George's cross, patron saint of Catalonia and a token of courage.

The upward stones show the necessity to achieve a future better than our present; however, the olive tree is supported by a triangular plan, full of serenity. Besides, this triangular plan represents Catalonia.

Project presented in IV Bienal del Paissatge de Barcelona, of COAC.


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