Pilar Tura's Gardens

Located in the centre of Sant Feliu de Codines, in a space of 150 m2, they are fitted in a natural wall and they are open to the Antoni Gaudí's street. We have applied the two “Hs”, history and harmony, an the two “Ss”, sustainability and simplicity, in these gardens.

We have respected an old paving stone pavement, the four existing trees and a pool. We have made an incision in the old pavement with more modern paving stones and with the possibility of ascending the natural wall, to have a different point of view of the gardens.

There gardens are opened to the street, so that the pedestrian can observe them and, at the same time, be surprised, where the hills have eyes to observe and where the water runs to play a predominant role. We have worked with sensitivity to get small birds coming to the pools, giving them the suitable depth, and we have promote autumnal colours of the species. They need a very little maintenance and irrigation, since gramineae, polipodis and the Melianthus adapt perfectly to the climate of the area. These gardens could be contemplated any day of the year, and we are still working on them since they are not finished; we anticipate a way full of sensitivity.


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