Garden in Moià

The smallest space in which we have worked until now. It was a challenge to get a lot out of it, as it is a small corridor of about 20 m2, which connects with the rear and front exits of the house.

It would be simple to make a straight path, but we couldn't make something out of such a small place; therefore we decided to make a curved path, to raise it and to sink it; this allowed us to provide the place some rhythm and volume. The fact that we have made it curved, allowed us to make a flat small space where we could put a chair, have a coffee or just read the newspaper.

The path provides order to the space and disorder to the vegetation, since it is planted in disorder; it is like the two poles, negative and positive, joint together.

Sensitivity in the forms, the materials, the colours and the smells. And xerogardening in the choice of the species. A white maple (rustic Steel) will provide an autumnal touch, in addition to being native of the 'Moianés', the chosen gramineae, the shrubs and conifers adapt themselves to the dry summer.

Finally, its low maintenance and its resistance to most of the plagues and diseases, makes this small space very sustainable.


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