A vol d'Ocell

'A vol d'ocell' is as if a bird was watching the sky. Why a bird? Because of the connection of the owner with the cock pigeons world; in fact the garden was designed according to the cock pigeon's profile and most important characteristics: the eyes, the beak and the feather wings.

This space of 1700 m2 is surrounded by the 'Cingles de Bertí'. These crags, together with the magnificent views, would be the most outstanding conditioners of this project, but other factors such as the sustainability and the use of little water in hardly used zones, determined great part of the planted species. The project is divided into two very different parts: on the one hand we have the property entrance, in the southwest, and, on the other hand, the garden itself, in the northeast. The house, which is located in the centre, separates both spaces.

The land's rocky areas in the sides combine with the groups of species in order to represent feathers with different shades of gray, green, metallic blue and white. These rocks constitute the first part of the garden. In the second part, a path made of slabs and bricks, typical materials of Catalan country houses, which leads us to the crag, from where we can contemplate the endless landscape; the green colour will be the greatest exponent here. The colour placidity and the flowerbeds invite to rest and to contact with nature.
Project presented in IV Bienal del Paissatge de Barcelona, of COAC.


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