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[foto: Small space of passage in Moià]

Small space of passage in Moià

It wasn't very long since we had been in the 2002 Floriade, in Holland; in places like this you can ...

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[foto: Welcome hand]

Welcome hand

Taking the opportunity Gaudí's Year and with the order to reform the entrance, the 'trencadis' (frag...

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[foto: Nau d'Orient ]

Nau d'Orient

In December of that year (2001), the Town council wanted to make a crib in the Town square....

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[foto: Saulons d'en Deu]

Saulons d'en Deu

They asked us a reform of the central space of a 70s garden. The place has four visible faces and an...

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[foto: A vol d'Ocell]

A vol d'Ocell

'A vol d'ocell' is as if a bird was watching the sky. Why a bird? Because of the connection of the ...

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[foto: Símbol]


This roundabout is located in a exceptional place with a good view to the Cingles de Bertí and to th...

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[foto: Garden in Moià]

Garden in Moià

The smallest space in which we have worked until now. It was a challenge to get a lot out of it, as ...

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[foto: Pilar Tura's Gardens]

Pilar Tura's Gardens

Located in the centre of Sant Feliu de Codines, in a space of 150 m2, they are fitted in a natural w...

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